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          "When You Only Want the Best . . . Your Guests Will Notice"


     Welcome to Amazing Cakes by Joanne. We specialize in custom designed
and decorated cakes. Our cakes are unique and beautiful. Decorating a cake is an art. It
takes time, patience and above all love. I treat every cake as a work of art. It is not  finished
until I look at it and say,"okay it's done, beautiful!". 

     Our cakes are as delicious as they are beautiful. There are many flavors and fillings to
choose from. My favorite is still the traditional white cake with buttercream frosting; my rich
chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache comes in a close second. If you love
chocolate, you will love this cake.

     Many of our cakes use handmade edible accents. That is what makes our cakes so
special. I use white chocolate or fondant to sculpt bows, edible pearls, sea shells, flowers,
butterflies, etc.; any accent that will set your cake apart. Most of our cakes are used as
the centerpiece for the table or event.  It's a lot of fun for you and me.
     I hope you enjoy looking at my cakes. To view my full portfolio with large detailed
images of my cakes, please email me at
If you have any other questions or would like to discuss an idea with me, please email me.
I would love to hear from you.

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                           For more information on prices contact: Joanne Campbell at 

            **Feel free to email me for a price quote for a cake that you might be thinking of 
                          or any questions you might have about our cakes. Enjoy your day.

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